King of Swing: Dino Spumoni

A lot has happened since the King of Swing, Dino Spumoni, returned from the dead. For those of you who are either too young, and or forgot; in order to boost record sales and revamp his washed-up career, Spumoni staged his death by falling overboard from his yacht and swimming to shore without anyone knowing. After teaming up with the “football head”, Hey Arnold!, Spumoni moved back into the boarding house to hide out while he reaps the benefits of his tragic death.

Much like the death of Elvis Presley, numerous imposters followed. And thus, Dinomania began but quickly put to an end when Spumoni grew upset and jealous with the publicity and success the Dino look alike’s were getting. Dino came clean and continued the journey to revamp his career.

So where is Dino now in 2016?image2

After retiring from the music game in 2005 he spent his days managing Green Meats with Mr. Green, counseling at P.S. 118, and he even bought the ice cream business from the Jolly Olly Man. He is no longer with Candy Maldonado. She reportedly left Dino after his comeback album YO Dino Raps! flopped the charts.

With his long and illustrious 50 year career behind him, Dino, now 86, is retired and living out the rest of his life back in the Sunset Arms boarding house next door to Oskar Kokoshka.


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