Snapchat me that.. @BongoNY

Anybody peep the bongo player on DJ Khaled’s Snapchat this week? If you have then you as well, can’t get that awesome tune out of your head! It goes like this “Snappchatttttt *boom.. boom boom…. boom* Snapchatttttt! *boom.. boom boom… boom* .”

Late last night DJ Khaled was leaving his studio session in NYC and the Bongoman appeared again on his Snap story for the 3rd time this week. This time around he was able to shout out his Snapchat name @BongoNY.


We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to get to know the Bongoman a little bit better.

So who is the Bongoman?


His name is Vinny Stillittano aka “Manhattan’s finest”. He is quite the lyricist. According to him his real talent is with lyrics, “90% of my skill is with words” he says. Vinny has been a musician for as long as he can remember. He plays guitar, piano, drums, and our favorite, bongos.

He added that he is the 60 second hit maker. He makes theme songs for advertising/marketing projects. In his own words he says “give me an idea and some words to use, and my super computer brain just starts spraying like a AK47 *thhhatthathatha! lol jk. For real though I’m the freestyle king of NY.”

To be honest, this guy’s great. From what we have seen so far on Snapchat, he gives out this surge of positive energy through his music and lyrics.

For any of those fans who want to witness his music, you can find him in Times Square outside of the M&M store, as well as, add him on Snapchat @bongoNY or Instagram @bongomanTV.

Salute fan luv!