Coachella Survival Tips

Music festival season has arrived! Coachella 2016 kicks off tomorrow at 11AM. To get a better idea of what Coachella is, it’s like the WrestleMania of music festivals. It’s a massive music festival featuring many artists of different genres. The layout consists of multiple stages, venues, and even an on-site camping area. Here’s some helpful survival tips if this is your first experience attending Coachella!


Chances are, you have your Coachella starter kit on: booty shorts, crop tops, shades, flash tattoos, and hella accessories like tutus and wings and shit, etc… You’re doing well so far! But to be on the safe side make sure you follow theses guidelines below.

  • Meeting spots

Coachella is massive. There’s a good chance that you will split up and lose your friends multiple times throughout the weekend. Also, cell phone reception is really bad so trying to contact each other with a mobile phone won’t work. The best thing to do when going to any event this big is to come up with meeting spots where you guys can split up and rendezvous when it’s most convenient.

  • Rechargeable phone case

All the snapchats, pictures, and videos are gonna drain your phone numerous times. To charge your phone at a charging station is an option but its a hassle. It can take hours until your phone charges since there’s going to be thousands of other people trying to charge their phone as well. A rechargeable phone case is highly recommended.

  • Write down phone numbers on a piece of paper

Its 2016.. Nobody memorizes phone numbers anymore. Write them down! Just incase your phone falls and someone steps on it and it breaks, or you drop your phone in mud, or god forbid, gets stolen, having a paper with your friends’ phone numbers on it will come in handy.

  • It is going to be hot….Very hot!

So you’re looking at an average temperature in the mid 90’s during the day. Any canteen or water bottles is a must because you’re going to want to stay hydrated. Water bottles are sold there but they’re gonna be sold at around $2.00, which isn’t bad, but if you could refill your water at one of the stations then why not. Wet towels are essential as well. When it gets too hot out you can simply wrap the towel over your head to stay cool. There are going to be tents and stations that are air-conditioned so be sure to look out for those. Make sure to dress accordingly by wearing breathable clothing…hey, or no clothing. It is Coachella after all.

  • Chilly nights

The average temperature in the evening is in the low 60’s. Ladies are going to want to bring a pair of leggings or wrap a long-sleeved flannel around their waist, something easy to throw on when it gets chilly out. For the guys… man up..just kidding. Same advice, wrap something around your waist that you can just throw on when the sun goes down.

  • Pace yourself

It’s going to be a loooong weekend and you want to enjoy it…and remember it. There’s going to be a lot of dancing, a lot of drinking, and a lot of other things that make you happy going on so pace yourself. You don’t want to get too wrecked early on and miss Guns  N’ Roses.. or Zedd… or A$AP.

Trust me, you’re going to want to run through this list before leaving your hotel..or your tent.

Lastly, have fun! You’ve spent tons of money to be there so get your moneys worth. Enjoy the music, the people, and the food but always remember that…FullSizeRender