NBA Agrees to Sponsor Patches

Just when you thought the NBA is going to have dope jerseys again, this happens. It’s been 15 long years since the fans of the game had decent jerseys. For many years it was a constant issue for fans to deal with an Adidas logo on their swingman jersey that never matched with the Nikes, or the Jordans on their feet. Before that we had to deal with the Reebok logo…

There was nothing but pure excitement when news broke out last year that Nike will replace Adidas as an official apparel outfitter for the NBA beginning in the 2017-2018 season. Adidas is coming up on their last year of an 11 year contract that began in 2006 when they replaced Reebok.

Earlier today, the NBA owners agreed to place sponsorship patches on NBA uniforms starting in 2017 as well. The streets are talking and nobody likes the idea.


Fans on twitter were making references to professional soccer teams and how some sponsor patches seem humorous. One fan says “great now we get to see Bimbo over our favorite player’s last name,” another says “can’t wait for my Minute Maid Orange Juice Lebron Jersey”. Luckily for the fans, according to, sponsor patches will not appear on retail versions of the player jerseys but is an option to be sold by individual team’s retail outlets. Also, sponsor patches will only be 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches and will appear on the front left of the jerseys so they will not be much of a nuisance.

From a business aspect, sponsorship patches on jerseys are beneficial when it comes to professional sports. According to Bloomberg News, the advertisement patches will produce an estimated $150 million in revenue. “Investment will help grow the game in exciting ways,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says, as they continue to develop a larger relationship with international fans and businesses.

It’s going to be exciting and refreshing to see what kind of NBA products Nike will produce. Dri-fit material jerseys along with Nike’s innovative designs will definitely overshadow the 2.5 x 2.5 sponsor patch.

TBH, anything Nike produces will be more appealing than that horrendous Atlanta Hawks jersey.

*Long live Champion jerseys!*


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