Fox Sports’ Bozo Bashes Mamba Day

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock bashes Kobe Bryant’s career in a segment the day after Kobe dropped 60 on Mamba Day. Whitlock says “narsicism and selfishness destroyed a franchise” and describes Kobe’s last game as “hot garbage.”

Nothing is more embarrassing as the 10 and 72 Philadelphia 76ers.

It was everything that the narcissistic and selfish Kobe Bryant was able to accomplish throughout the past 20 years is what everyone was celebrating. Kobe’s hard work and dedication to the game of basketball was being honored on Mamba Day. It doesn’t matter how much you bring up the dog days of the Lakers, Kobe will forever be remembered as one of the greatest lakers of all time.


The performance Kobe Bryant displayed on 4.13.16 is how a legend hangs up the ball kicks.