Views Pop-Up Event VS. DJ Khaled Fan Luv

DJ Khaled is known for showing love to his fans on Snapchat through a series of “fan luv” appearances. The Anthem-Maker uploads a snap onto his story encouraging fans to meet him while announcing where and when he will be in a specific location.


Khaled has been in NYC for about a week now and has been announcing, every day since, for his fans to meet him at Stadium Goods, a sneaker shop located on 47 Howard street in NYC at 4PM today.


Drake tweeted a flyer that displayed a location and time in NYC earlier today at 2:01 PM. The rapper continues to build anticipation for the Views from the 6 album. The pop-up event is sponsored by Beats by Dre, and is located not too from Stadium Goods.

Is it a coincidence that Drake announced a pop-up event the same day and time as DJ Khaled’s fan luv appearance at Stadium Goods or was it a strategically planned publicity stunt to lure away Khaled’s fan luv to promote Views?!

Who’s going to have a bigger turnout Views or Fan Luv?